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struct MassValues

Holds informations about passing or all particles fit.

Public variable details


Type Name Default value
TH1D* hMass NULL
TF1* fitFunction NULL
TF1* fitSignal NULL
TF1* fitBackground NULL
double sidebandRegion1_x1 0.
double sidebandRegion1_x2 0.
double signalRegion_x1 0.
double signalRegion_x2 0.
double sidebandRegion2_x1 0.
double sidebandRegion2_x2 0.
TFitResultPtr fitResult 0

Public Functions details


TBox* createTBox(double Ymax,
                int index = 0,
                double Ymin = 0.)

Return TBox of sideband or signal region.

  • if index = -1 return TBox representing left sideband region.
  • if index = 0 return TBox representing signal region.
  • if index = 1 return TBox representing right sideband region.


void doFitJpsi()

Do fit for J/psi resonance.


void doFitUpsilon()

Do fit for Upsilon resonance with 3 resonances peaks (1S, 2S, 3S).


void doFitUpsilon1S()

Do fit for Upsilon (1S) resonance.


bool isInSidebandRegion(double InvariantMass)

Check if InvariantMass is in sideband region.


bool isInSignalRegion(double InvariantMass)

Check if InvariantMass is in signal region.


double subtractionFactor()

Get the subtraction factor calculated by the ratio between yield of background particles in signal region by yield of background particles in sideband region. This yield is get by the integral of function stored in fitBackground variable.