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class InvariantMass

Holds MassValues struct.

Constructor details

    const char*& resonance,
    const char*& particleName,
    const char*& canvasWatermark,
    const char*& directoryToSave,
    const char*& particleType)
      : resonance(resonance),
    if (strcmp(resonance, "Jpsi") == 0)
        xMin  = 2.9;
        xMax  = 3.3;
        nBins = 160;

    if (strcmp(resonance, "Upsilon") == 0)
        xMin  = 8.7;
        xMax  = 11.;
        nBins = 60;

    if (strcmp(resonance, "Upsilon1S") == 0)
        xMin  = 8.7;
        xMax  = 11.;
        nBins = 60;

    createMassHistogram(Pass.hMass, "Passing");
    createMassHistogram(All. hMass, "All");

Private variable details


Type Name
const char*& resonance
const char*& particleName
const char*& canvasWatermark
const char*& directoryToSave
const char*& particleType

All variables here are reference for public variables in mother class: Type class

Private Functions details


void createMassHistogram(TH1D* &hMass,
                        const char* PassingOrFailing)

Create invariant mass histogram with a specific title. The argument hMass is a pointer where the histogram shall be stored.


void drawCanvasQuarter(TCanvas* &canvas,
                    bool drawRegions,
                    int quarter,
                    MassValues* ObjMassValues,
                    int color = kBlue)

Draw a quarter of whole canvas with invariant mass histogram pointed.

Public variable details


Type Name Default value
double xMin 0.
double xMax 0.
int nBins 0
int decimals 3

Constructed objects

  • MassValues Pass
    • Stores information about passing mass histograms.
  • MassValues All
    • Stores information about passing mass histograms.

Public Functions details


TCanvas* createMassCanvas(bool drawRegions = false,
                        bool shouldWrite = false,
                        bool shouldSavePNG = false)

Create canvas for invariant mass (passing and all muons).


void defineMassHistogramNumbers(int nBins,
                                double xMin,
                                double xMax,
                                int decimals = 3)

Redefine number parameters of mass histograms in Mass object.


void doFit()

Apply a fit over invariant mass in MassValues objects.


void fillMassHistograms(double** quantities,
                        int** types)

Automatically fill masses histograms. Needs to be called in a loop over all dataset.


void updateMassValuesAll()

After fill invariant mass histogram, you need to set signal regions and sideband regions. This function will set it for you.


void updateMassValuesFor(MassValues* ObjMassValues,
                        bool isAll = false)

After fill invariant mass histograms, you need to set signal regions and sideband regions. This function will set it for you.


void writeMassHistogramsOnFile(bool writehPass,
                            bool writehAll)

Write all mass canvas histograms in a root file. Just need to call this function and all mass histograms will be written.